• Bottle of vitamin c serum for vitamin C skincare

    Supercharged Vitamin C Serum

  • bottles and tubs of cream for hyperpigmentation skincare

    Hyperpigmentation & Dark Marks Kit

  • Glass tub with face moisturizer for dry skin

    Anti-Aging Peptide Moisturiser

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Our Skincare Kits

We have 3 kits available:

- An oily and acne-prone skin kit, which will leave your skin feeling balanced and less oily. With all the anti-aging benefits included. 

- A dry skin kit, which will treat dry skin by hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing skin. With all the anti-aging benefits included. 

- A hyperpigmentation & dark marks kit, which will treat hyperpigmentation, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark marks. With all the anti-aging benefits included. 

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  • Man washing is face with a Salicylic Acid facewash

    Step 1: Cleanse

    Cleansing your face at least twice a day is necessary to ensure that your skin is clean, fresh and rid of pollutants and makeup.

    Don't strip your skin, by using harsh cleansers.

    Try our range of cleansers, specific for your individual skin type, they will leave your skin feeling silky soft, yet squeaky clean, without drying it out.

    Ona Mae Cleansers

  • Lady using vitamin c serum for her face routine

    Step 2: Treat

    It is important to use serums specific for your skincare concerns. One size does not fit all when it comes to skincare.

    Our range of serums are specific for treating specific concerns such as pigmentation, acne, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles etc.

    Ona Mae Treatment Serums

  • Lady applying an anti aging moisturizer to her face

    Step 3: Moisturise

    Lock in your treatment serums with Ona Mae's Anti-Aging Peptide Moisturisers. Our moisturisers provide nourishing hydration, while leaving your skin glowing and radiant.

    Ona Mae Moisturisers

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Why Switch to Ona Mae?

Are you searching for a skincare brand that caters to South African skin? Look no further than Ona Mae. We're dedicated to celebrating skin of color with our specially formulated products.

Skincare should be simple, and we're here to help.

Explore our range through our informative videos, where each product is carefully explained.

Ona Mae Cleansers:
Discover our Kalahari Melon Seed and Hyaluronic Acid Facewash, a recent addition that's already a hit among our customers. Designed to be gentle yet effective, it's perfect for sensitive skin.

Our Salicylic Acid Turmeric Facewash is a game changer for oily and acne-prone skin, praised for its effectiveness without causing irritation.

Ona Mae Serums:
Our Supercharged Vitamin C serum is hailed as the best in South Africa, loved for its dark spot removal capabilities thanks to ingredients like alpha arbutin, licorice root extract, kojic acid, and ferulic acid.

The Niacinamide Serum Blemish Buster incorporates South African turmeric for its acne-fighting and sebum-regulating properties, winning over customers with its results.

Our Hyaluronic Acid Serum features an upgraded formula with dual hyaluronic acids for enhanced hydration benefits.

Ona Mae Moisturizers:
Our Anti-Aging Peptide Moisturizer is a luxurious treat for normal to dry skin, leaving it soft, supple, and deeply nourished.

For acne-prone and oily skin, our Anti-Aging Peptide Face Lotion provides balance and a matte finish.

  • Testimonial

    I absolutely love the range & it has been a real game changer. I have gotten my husband, nephew & sisters to use your products, and they are all loving it.

    I've been using it for 5 months now and the transformation has been amazing, and most of all, thank you for educating us on the needs of skin of colour and what we should & should not use.

    Thank you for your awesomeness.

    Odele Taylor

  • Testimonial

    Second week using Ona Mae products, and I can't help but notice my skin tone - my face has this richer tone and more glow to it. and it stays hydrated for so long!

    The products are very gentle and friendly, as I've had zero reactions whatsoever.

    The cleansing bar in particular has exceeded my expectations! I no longer have to spend extra money on a toner.

    I absolutely love it!

    Chimezie Nwokeanochie Uzoukwu

  • Testimonial

    I am simply LOVING my skin, it has never felt smoother or looked brighter than this!

    Such amazing and affordable products, with exceptional service.

    Thank you!!!

    Abilene Lawrence

  • Testimonial

    I Have been using been using the Niacinamide serum, and the moisturisers for approximately 2 months now. In that time my skins texture, brightness and blemishes have significantly improved. This is a far cry from acne and scarring I previously experienced. I highly recommend Ona Mae and will personally continue using these products.

    Merushka Murugen

  • Testimonial

    My skin is sensitive and gets extremely dry during winter months, to the point where it flakes off. Since I started using the Ona Mae range I haven't experienced any of the dryness, nor has my skin flaked off. The night cream (Olive Gel) is extremely nourishing and has improved the texture and colour of my skin. I tend to breakout every now and then, with the niacinamide and vitamin C serums I noticed a difference within a couple if days.

    Complicated areas where I had dark patches around my mouth, I have seen a major improvement. I feel confident to step out without foundation whereas before I always applied foundation to cover up.

    Sheena Kallie

  • Testimonial

    Thank You Ona Mae for delivering my products so efficiently. Ona Mae is the only cleansing and moisturizing products I use on my face. I absolutely love the glow on my face.

    I receive numerous compliments about my glowing skin. Please innovate an eye cream as well. This will complete my skincare routine to looking and feeling rejuvenated.

    Thank You Ona Mae. Looking forward to my next purchase.

    Diana Govender

  • Testimonial

    "I placed my second order of your Vitamin C serum. My sister and I love your serums :-). I love that it doesn't whiten your skin, but brightens, adds a glow and the big plus is the anti-wrinkle benefits".

    Eveshnie Reddy

  • Testimonial

    "Order placed, thanks for your speedy service, I love it."

    Abigail Fredricks

  • Testimonial

    I have struggled with pigmentation all my life and it worsened in my 30s but these serums have been miracle workers! the Vitamin C serum significantly reduced the appearance of my scars and dark marks. Highly, highly, highly recommend! I would give it a 10/5 (200%) if I could.

    Nelisa Dlamini

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